Stoic Talks

Stoic Talks

S01E08: “Go Global and Quantitative with Value and Momentum” with Mebane Faber !!!

I have been reading the work of today’s guest for many years. He has done some amazing research with Value Portfolios, Momentum Portfolios, Global Asset Allocation etc. I like his agnostic approach to investing without getting biased by any philosophy and his work is highly recommended by two prominent guests on our earlier podcasts, Wesley Gray and Gary Antonacci. We talk to Meb Faber, CIO at Cambria Investment Management.

Generally, we prefer to have long and detailed podcasts but this time around we had slightly less time than we anticipated and hence some of the questions have a presumed understanding of some concepts. But having said that, the conversation is fascinating and we would highly recommend reading articles on those subjects which are available on Meb’s website.

Let’s listen to Meb now.


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Mr. Faber is the co-founder and  Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management.


[1.50] Learn how to write so much and sleep well too J

[3:05] Value Investing and Trend following religions and how an agnostic think

[6:00] The various methods of exit strategy for his global portfolio

[8:30] Momentum applied on Value Stocks

[10:00] Understanding the implementation of shareholder yields

[16:00] Stock Selection v/s Asset Allocation

[18:30] Home Country bias and superiority of Global Portfolio

[23:00] Long Only Strategy v/s Long Strategy

[26:00] The myth behind the asset allocation and the true psychology of risk trading

[28:00] Investing with the House

[32:00] The disruption in Financial Services Industry

[34:25] The future of Roboadvisors

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