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S01E03: “Algo Investing: Best of Both Worlds” with Wesley Gray !!!

Talking to our guest for this episode, was an educative experience.

He had a realisation, “I know I can’t be Warren Buffett because of little control on the biases.”

And then asked himself, what can be done to remove these biases. Not by training oneself, but by building a mechanical system.

That question led to a series of Quantitative experiments with real money backing it up. The result of the experiments? A well-defined quantitative model combining strategies from Value Investing and Momentum investing and building it into an investment product.

Friends, I am very excited to present to you the guest for our latest podcast, Wesley R. GrayPhD, a portfolio manager, CEO of Alpha Architect, a veteran of the US Marine Corps and Co-Author of the awesome book: Quantitative Value.

Wesley is not driven by any particular religion of investing. That is something we stand for. There are thousands of ways to make money and Wesley has explored two very common anomalies of the efficient market hypothesis, Value and Momentum.

Without further delay, listen to Wesley Gray below. Leave comments if you have some unanswered questions and I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation.


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Wesley Gray is the  founder and CEO of Alpha Architect, a research-intensive asset management firm that delivers affordable active strategies for sophisticated investors.

Books / Recommendations:

Quantitative Value by Wesley Gray

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