Stoic Talks

Stoic Talks

S01E02 : "Do’s and Don’ts of Moat Investing" with Ankur Jain !!!

We would like to thank our listeners for an overwhelming response to the ‘Stoic Podcast series’.

We started this series with the interview of Gaurav Sud which was enjoyed by over 1.5k listeners and we received overwhelming feedback for the same.

Continuing our endeavour of profiling the hidden gems of investing, we are delighted to bring to you our next guest.

Today, we have with us, Ankur Jain. Ankur is my senior from MDI, Gurgaon. Ankur is a very disciplined and thorough moat investor. After studying the subject of Prof. Bakshi, he went on to work with him at Tactica Capital for almost a decade and is now an independent investor. It was refreshing to have his serene thoughts in a not-so-stoic market.

Do check out his amazing blog. He doesn’t write much but when he does, each and every word is worth absorbing. Let’s listen to him now.


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Ankur Jain is the SEBI Registered Investment Advisor at Prayaas Capital. 


Experience of entering the stock markets at Harshad Mehta time [2:00]
The inquisitiveness and curiosity to learn about business world [8:00]
How IT crash saved him [15:00]
His struggle to find his ‘Calling’ at MDI [17:00]
His initial brush with Practice vis-à-vis theory of what he studied in class [24:00]
Views on Cash allocation and how the cash allocation is decided now [35:00]
How much premium to pay for a quality company [38:35]
How to calculate the intrinsic value of a company [39:40]
How to evaluate an industry with an example of CERA Sanitary ware [41:00]
Inputs to be used in the valuation method [52:00]
His view on meeting management [1:27:00]
His successful investments so far [1:35:00]
His mantras for physical and mental health and productivity enhancements methods [1:38:40]

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