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Stoic Talks

S02E04 : “ Looking Beyond the Obvious” with Prabhakar Kudva

Prabhakar Kudva is the co-founder and director at Samvitti Capital. He is a successful long-only growth investor. He has been selected as one among 40 under 40 Investment managers by AIWMI (Association of International Wealth Management of India). 

Prabhakar has been generating market-beating returns over multiple years by cherry-picking a number of high-growth businesses which have turned out to be big winners. He has been authoring a popular blog (Investment Insight India) on investment ideas for several years.

Prabhakar has also worked in the financial technology product space designing products for the capital markets. As the co-founder director of Samvitti, he focuses on unearthing long-term investment opportunities for the various long-only portfolios that Samvitti manages.

In this episode of Stoic Talks, we will delve deeper into his two separate investing buckets, stock selection, allocation process, and how he has built setups around structural tendencies like momentum, mean-reversion, smallcap, exhaustion etc that are present in the market. 

Let’s tune in.

We wholeheartedly thank DSP Mutual Fund for collaborating with us for this particular episode of Stoic Talks.

[Podcast Record Date: 14.12.2022]


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Prabhakar Kudva is the co-founder and director at Samvitti Capital.



  • Initial Journey [3:50] 
  • Relation between Allocation and Conviction [11:58]
  • Portfolio Construction: Two different buckets[16:20] 
  • Picking one bucket over another [21:29]
  • List of structural tendencies in the market [23:03]
  • Building setup with structural tendencies[30:34]
  • Selection criteria of stocks in Bucket-1 [33:47]
  • Allocation strategy in bucket-1 [53:02]
  • Selling criteria and benchmark in Bucket-1 [54:10]
  • Selection Criteria in bucket-2 [57:20]
  • Selling Criteria and managing risk in Bucket-2 [1:07:37]
  • Managing PMS & AIF [1:22:01]
  • Starting point of Bucket-2 [1:26:37]
  • Taking cash call in Bucket-2 [1:35:12]
  • Prabhakar’s experience with Short-selling [1:49:43]

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