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Stoic Talks

S01E09: “Balancing Value & Quality – The Value Investor Way” with Rajeev Thakkar !!!

There are very few individuals who walk their talk & fewer organizations who do it. There is one such organization built on the strong principles of Value Investing by the Late Mr Parag Parikh of Parag Parikh Financial Advisory services.

Our guest today is the man behind the success of PPFAS from its days of PMS to the current form of Mutual Fund. Mr Rajeev Thakkar is the CIO of PPFAS Mutual Fund & he is associated with Mr Parag Parikh & PPFAS for one and a half decades. For the last 13 years, he has had the reigns of PPFAS mutual funds in his hands as its fund manager and as the CEO for the last 9 years. He has fulfilled his role with an admirable level headedness paying detailed attention to the Value and avoiding speculative stocks.

A firm believer of Value Investing principles, a follower of Charlie Munger & Warren Buffett, a Lifelong learner & “Mr Google” as called by his colleagues.


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Rajeev Thakkar is the Associate Director and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of PPFAS Mutual Fund.


[1:30] His journey from an analyst in Prime securities to the CIO of PPFAS fund & experiences during those years of boom & bust.
[7:00] Why PPFAS has gone with a mutual fund & not any other structure?
[10:50] Why just one scheme?
[25:00] Hedging strategies for investing in foreign companies & how that process better yields than being an expense.
[35:00] Does Activist investing works in India?
[39:00] How he screens & picks the companies? What qualities he look for?
[44:00] Talks about the companies that didn’t worked out for the fund & learning from them.
[46:00] Selling strategies & general holding period.
[51:00] What are the valuation techniques he use while evaluating companies?
[59:00] Magazines suggestions.
[1:01:02] How PPFAS fund follows a process oriented approach?

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