Stoic Talks

Stoic Talks


@MysticWealth11 , @PuneetK009 , @nooreshtech Interesting personality (Divyesh Shah). Heard the longest podcast of my life.

Shyam Sekhar Founder, iThought PMS

Great Podcast with Shankar Sharma. Just listened. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chandrasekhar Analyst & Advisor at Fidelity International

@Moneylifers, @PuneetK009, @nooreshtech : Enjoyed the podcast of Debashish. Recommend all new investors to hear this practical approach

Rakesh Kedia Chartered accountant & Investor

    Nice to see @StoicTalks going the @joerogan way - deep insightful long discussions. As @prabhakarkudva explains, the depth of discussion is better when done with practitioners with decades of experience of their own.

    Prashanth Founder, Portfolio Yoga

    It was a pleasure to do this tough interview with such detailed questions from @PuneetK009 and @nooreshtech . Hope you find some value.

    Samit Vartak Founder & CIO, SageOne Investment Managers

    Serious practitioners asking questions for themselves. One reason why it clicks. Good luck and happy to see it restart @PuneetK009 @MysticWealth11

    Shashikanth Bhat Equity Enthusiast

      This is the best interview of Rohit sir amongst all other interviews in recent times ! Need to listen to it at least thrice ! Thanks for asking very poignant questions! ...

      Ajinkya Darshane Equity Enthusiast

      I am really glad that @StoicTalks decided to resume their podcasts. It was amazing listening to them in 2017. Hoping @PuneetK009 doesnt stop this time 🙂 Great interaction with @SamitVartak

      @theharshfolio Equity Enthusiast

      @PuneetK009 @MysticWealth11 tks 4 d podcast. Now i have something meaningful to listen to on mng walks

      Alok Jain Founder, Weekend Investing

        Good questions.. Well structured podcast. Prabhakar sir as usual is very generous with sharing his knowledge

        Ashwini Damani CA, CFA and Full Time Investor

        Great Podcast.. Very detailed explanation about stock selection. The knowledge shared is very practical. Thank you.

        Pratik Equity Enthusiast

        Brilliant. Surprised though about the comment on tyre companies. They had a fantastic March quarter

        Debashis Basu Co-Founder, Moneylife, Journalist, Investor

          Great podacst!! These podcasts are really pushing the envelope of how investing podcasts usually happen! Interviewer manages to extract best insights from guest each and every time !!

          Ajinkya Darshane Equity Enthusiast

          Very high level of discussion has happened in the podcast, truly marvelous.

          Gnanchand Chelli Equity Enthusiast

          So the original guys are back. Looking forward for some interesting conversations.

          Vikram Kulkarni Equity Enthusiast